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Kent's Kidney Stories

Jul 29, 2020

Welcome back! In this episode, Kent talks with Scott Mullin. Kent calls Scott a Hero and deservedly so! Scott donated his Kidney as a part of the Kidney Paired Exchange Program. In doing so, he made it possible for our Producer, Jason Nunez, to receive Kidney Transplant in January of this year! Scott shares his journey...

Jul 27, 2020

Welcome back! In this week’s episode, Kent talks about living in the time of COVID-19 while an immunosuppressed Kidney Transplant recipient. He speaks to the common phrase: “when things go back to normal.” He also gives a special shout out to a new listener who recently reached out to him.

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Jul 12, 2020

Welcome back! In this week’s episode, we learn about Kidney Solutions. This is a Nonprofit Organization that Kent is not a Patient Advocate for, but also the Vice President.  Our Producer Jason also chimes in and provides testimony as to the Patient experience with assistance from Kidney Solutions.

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