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Kent's Kidney Stories

Mar 31, 2020

Welcome back! In this episode, Kent welcomes Amanda DeLeon to the Podcast. Amanda is the CEO and President of Kidney Solutions. Amanda shares a powerful story about her dear Father. Amanda donated her Kidney to her Father, 3 years ago. There is more to this story. Amanda shares her the journey that her Father and...

Mar 9, 2020

Welcome back! In this week’s episode, Kent talks about the COVID-19/Coronavirus. He shares information about the virus itself, how it’s transmitted, how to protect yourself against infection and what to do if you suspect you have been infected. This is one episode that you do not want to miss!!

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Mar 5, 2020

Welcome back! In this week’s episode, Kent shares about his weekend with Kip, his Brother. Kip is also Kent’s Kidney Donor! Kent also shares information about National Kidney Month. He also shares 6 tips on how to help manage your Blood Pressure.

Producer’s Note: There were some signal issues while recording, some...